So are you looking for the Best smartphone to buy, but confused which would be the better one. It’s natural as a wide type of handsets with similar features are running in a market. So, it may be tough to choose the best out of rest at the time of buying.

Smartphone becomes the pocket friend which connect you to the Virtual World of Internet, allow you to communicate, clicking photographs, saving and share documents on the cloud, location tracking and even more features to explore.

Don’t worry – we are here with our best quick tips guide which helps you to choose a best Android Smartphone quickly.

Ten Quick Tips – To Choose The Best Smartphone to Buy

#1. Check Out Needs & Requirement: Check out what cell phone you’re dreaming to be in your hand! What you really want in a new smartphone.

Whether a smartphone with a large screen, small screen or a somewhat else. Might be you are looking for Black Berry Messenger or a high definition camera.Sort out what really matters to you and note down. By doing this you will get a rough idea what exactly you admiring.

#2. Material Quality: The body quality is about the toughness of a cell phone. The whole handset showcase is generally separated into two sorts of constructs – metal and plastic.

There are few that also have glass-covered boards, however, those are exceptionally restricted. On the off chance that you are one of those apt to drop your cell phone, it’s better to go for a metal or a plastic manufactured handset.

These can support drops from 2-3 feet, while the glass-based handset is certain to break.

#3. Display Screen: It totally depends on you what size and resolution will be on your smartphone display. On the off chance that you frequently stream video clips, alter photographs or recordings or download and see motion pictures, at that point a cell phone display extending from 5.5-inch to 6-inch, full-HD ought to be sufficient for you.

Anything bigger than a 6-inch show makes the handset additional massive, as well as hard to carry. In the event that you are a consistent client and generally utilize the cell phone for checking messages, visiting and perusing online networking applications, at that point anything from 5-inch to 5.5-inch HD or full-HD show handsets is great.

#4. Processor: The Processor of cell phone differs starting with one gadget then onto the next relying upon a few factors, for example, OS, UI, bloatware and that’s just the beginning.

On the off chance that you are a substantial client who needs to alter pictures/recordings/reports on the web, play high version games, stream recordings or regularly utilize applications in split screen mode, at that point cell phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 should make the multitasking fluent for you. Other users can we be fine with MediaTek Processors handsets.

#5. UI/ Operating System: UI and the OS too are key elements to consider while buying a cell phone. These are the medium that one would need to collaborate with each opportunity to get to anything, so it ought to be simple and straightforward.

For the most major and clean Android experience, you can choose Motorola handsets, Nexus/Pixel phones or also Android One contraptions. However phenomenal interfaces like ZenUI, Xperia UI, Samsung TouchWiz, EMUI and others offer more yet cunning function to sort applications and more decisions in styles the association thinks customers would find more neighborly.

In any case, cell phones by OEMs likewise accompany bloatware and certain applications that you presumably won’t utilize ever. Along these lines, we prescribe to attempt the handset before you pick one.

#6. Camera: Only having more number of megapixels does not infer that the phone camera is better. A couple of particulars, for instance, ISO levels, camera crevice, pixel measure, self-modify and more are fundamental to. A 16MP back camera demonstrates change over a 12MP camera. The Same opinion goes for the forward looking camera.

A number of pixels means logically the size of the photo, which ends up being more sharpened when seen on a little screen. A photo taker addicts may require a camera with 12 or 16MP sensor under f/2.0 or cut down opening for fast shots even in low lights. An accommodating shooter can go by even with an 8MP 0r 12MP camera with f/2.0-f/2.2 opening.

#7. Battery Backup: The battery use varies from client to client depending upon the way he/she utilizes the cell phone. If you are an unstoppable client and work on applications, play heavy games, stream movies and all the more at that point run for cell phones with no less than 3500mAh battery or above.

In the event that you are a normal client, handset with 3000mAh battery would be sufficient to keep running for an entire day.

#8. Storage Capacity: A broad bit of the phone storage is seized down the OS and the applications the device comes in- built with. A 16GB/32GB/64GB or more don’t, for the most part, go with accurately suggested space. In case you seize the opportunity to keep less number of applications on your smartphone, you can go for a 32GB limit storage.

Customers who get a kick out of the opportunity to keep the higher number of utilizations can go for 64GB or 128GB varieties. You can in like manner buy a 16GB model that sponsorships microSD card too.

#9. Security Features: Most phones nowadays coming with extra security components, for instance, one of a kind fingerprint sensor or somewhat iris sensors security wall. These act as a firewall that inhibits the second person to access your files, document or data physically.

While a smartphone with fingerprint sensor feature can be available in Rs 5,000, handsets with iris sensors are not much easily available. It’s suggested over to buying a phone with these add-on security features since we all have our personal data on our mobile.

#10. Speakers/ Sound: Speakers and the sound quality coming out from it should be the significant factor for users who used to stream videos.

If you are fond of watching online videos, then you have to buy the phone featured front-facing speakers. Which gives clear and better sound while holding the mobile in any mode.If you do not indulge in the streaming video much, then a normal smartphone having bottom speaker should be good.

We hope this quick tip guide for buying the best smartphone will help you in buying a right smartphone. Everything depends on what your needs and requirements. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone and don’t have an idea where to sell old mobile phone than CashurCell is best option to sell the used phone for instant cash on your doorstep.