Finally, the Samsung latest handset Galaxy Note 8 successfully running in the 42 countries of the World. The Korean Company receiving the huge customer response from Worldwide, which cover up their Galaxy Note 7 debacle of last year. That was the biggest failure of the Samsung which completely flawed the image of the company all over the World. They lost their customers support that time but this time users from all over the world appreciating the Samsung brand new smartphone. If we talk about India 3 Lakh Plus people pre-registered for Note 8 before their the launching of the handset. Most of the users get their most awaited handset on their doorsteps whereas many of them are still waiting for it. The price of this giant handset in the Indian market is Rs. 67,990 only.

We also experienced the augmented phablet of the year, and really it’s the powerful smartphone that running parallelly with the iPhone X. Galaxy Note 8 comes up with several brand new features that are extremely unpredictable. The Large display or Dual Cameras, that not enough to praise in this phone. There are some features that you may know well, but still, there is a slew of hidden ones that you might be not aware of. Right below is the five brand new features that prove Galaxy Note 8 brings the new experience in the life of users.

#1. Animated (Live Messages)

One of our most loved highlights on the Galaxy Note 7 a year ago was the capacity to transform any video into a GIF with the S-Pen. Just play a video, haul out the stylus and do some trimming and you’re finished.

And keep in mind that is as yet a choice, Samsung based on that thought for the current year and made another component called Live Messages for the Galaxy Note 8.

When you are trying to write on the screen with S-Pen then you send it as a Live Message. Moreover, you will get the option in the Live Messages menu of S-Pen. To sparkle your letters and shine on the screen. Further, you can send that messages as an animated GIF to receiver easily. Maybe it’s not easy to elaborate in words, but you can check this with your phablet.

#2. Water-Resistant (Perfect for Swimming)

The Korean Company works really hard on their neat new smartphone, Samsung designed their handset to resist water and to make reliable in any climate. Galaxy Note 8 is entirely dust and water resistant handset that works smoothly even in swimming pool. We experience it personally and that’s really amazing to capture photos, videos and going live on social platforms. Bearing an IP68 rating fit for being dipped in more than 5ft of water for up to 30 minutes. That is quite higher than the iPhone 7 Plus Or more and higher than most smartphones available.

This IP68 rating implies it’s clean, sprinkle and water protected. Besides, the S-Pen is totally water-safe as well. And keeping in mind that Samsung doesn’t prescribe taking it swimming, many of the users tested it under the water to check the resistant level of Note 8. Finally, it’s working fine after underwater.

#3. Now Play Audio to Multiple Devices (BT5.0)

The Galaxy S8 was the first phone in the world with Bluetooth 5.0 built-in. And while it’s an amazing feature, people still don’t seem to talk about it. The upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0 is a big one that all users need to know about. With it, the Note 8 is capable of some neat things older phones don’t offer.

The tech giant configures their newbie handset Note 8 that has built-in Bluetooth 5.0. This is the big upgrade of Bluetooth to Version 5.0 that every user have to aware about it. Meanwhile, it’s is an amazing update of Samsung that make Note 8 capable to do offer neat things that older phones don’t provide.

The query arises what makes Bluetooth 5.0 special from others? It increases the bandwidth of Bluetooth up to 800% and provides multiple channels. BT 5.0 solely hike up the range from 30 feet to 120 feet. Which clear that you can stream music smoothly any corner of the house. Moreover, Bluetooth 5.0 can play the same audio on two different devices at the same time. For example – connect your device with two Bluetooth speakers, of the same company or not doesn’t matter.

#4. Unlock Your Device With Eyes or Face

This feature is almost similar to the flunked Galaxy Note 8 or recent handset Galaxy S8. The Galaxy Note 8 includes an iris scanner camera on the front side of the device. Which is designed by keeping some point.

As many of the smartphone devices are there in the market who providing fingerprint scanner on the back side, that found to be not ideal and hard to reach. Therefore, an Iris scanner is in-built in Note 8 to give a unique experience to the users. This brand new feature is marked as more secure than a fingerprint. Means it raises the level of security.

The main functionality of Iris Scanner is that it can identify your eyes within your glasses or through at night. As well as scan entire face also which works very smoothly, same like iPhone X. In Note 8 you will get the slew of various unlock features, but Iris Scanner is marked as one of Best ones.

#5. Wireless Charging Make it Fast

Finally, Samsung gives their users a prime feature that releases out every customer pain. Yes, Galaxy Note 8 now can be charged by using wired or wireless charger support. That considered being the fastest way of charging. Now your smartphone will be charged more faster as before because of USB Type-C called as Quick Charge 2.0.

From various reviews and observation, we concluded that it can recharge your handset by 0-50% in 25 minutes. However, the Note 8 is capable of supporting both charging standard, which is somewhat similar to iPhone 8 charging standards.

The South Korean Company gives their best handset Galaxy Note. Enjoy with your Note 8 and explore the new feature now!

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