Last week was the most awaited week of this year when all iPhone and iPad users worldwide waiting for the official update of iOS 11. Apple gives their users the biggest update of the year which was blended with brand new features like customizable control center, new files app, drag and drop even more in the queue. Apart from these tons of new features, users from all over the world facing the battery draining issues after updating their devices to iOS 11 mostly the iPhone. Several iPhone users are raising their complaint on social platforms about iOS 11 battery consumption at an alarming pace.

If you are also facing battery draining problems and questioning whereby to fix battery consumption on iPhone, here we come up with some quick tips to save battery cycle on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7.

Six points that overcome your iPhone Battery Draining in iOS 11

#1. iOS 11 Airdrop – Disable it

Are you aware of the AirDrop which by default inactive status on iOS 11? It is okay if you do not know about this, figure out it now and put it out. It helps to reduce your battery consumption at one point.

Follow these steps to check and turn off AirDrop on iOS 11
a. Go to Settings > General > AirDrop
b. Tap on Receiving Off

#2. Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi on iPhone

Are your Bluetooth and Wifi are off? The answer is no. The new feature Control Center on iOS 11 pretends these both to be off. However, in fact, it not turn off your Bluetooth and Wifi completely. Whatever it does is detach Y’all. I figured out it and endured it as utilizing the first iOS 11 Beta Version. What’s more, I simply trust this is surely not a flaw yet somewhat Apple is using both Wifi and Bluetooth service for something different, for example, to help find you when you are utilizing Apple Map in the building.

Follow these steps to check and turn off completely Bluetooth & Wifi
To turn off Bluetooth completely
a. Go to Settings > Bluetooth
b. Find Bluetooth, slide it off.

To turn off Wi-Fi completely
a. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
b. Find Wi-Fi, slide it off.

#3. Location Tracking By Apps on iOS 11

Several apps track our location while we remoting and in result the battery starts draining. Hence figure out the location service used by the apps that handling or fetching device location. Put them fully off either switch all to “while using.” That saves the battery from draining.

Follow these steps to check and manage location service on iOS 11

a. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
b. The easy way is to turn off location services completely. However, We do not approve that. Discover apps and system settings that keep using device spot, if you consider that app or system services are not that necessary, turn the location services mode to “Never” or “While Using.”

#4. Screen Brightness – Adjust and Set it down

Screen brightness is one of the major factors that kept consuming iPhone battery. However, not just iPhone but all the phones. Seek to lessen the screen brightness to feel somewhere comfortable to see the screen. While it is quite safe for eyes, it improves the battery a lot.

#5. Turn down Raise to Wake Feature on iOS 11

As iPhone 6S including iOS 9, Apple launched “Raise to Wake” wherever you do not require to push a button on iPhone to make the screen on, you can raise the iPhone, and there it is! The screen gets on. That a helpful feature. However this feature handy to keep power button and home button of getting broken, it seems to hold the impact to the battery, notably, if you put the iPhone in pocket standing either set the iPhone inside lounge or case, the screen may unexpectedly turn on many times in your absence. If you want to use this feature, same what we do, our advice is to put your iPhone upside under in your pocket so the screen will not randomly turn on when it is in your pouch. Preferably to fully disable this feature if you put it on couch or bag.

#6. Check Battery Consumption of Each App

Disable, log out from the app or delete the app if you do not intend to use it anymore. Analyze further to update app its newest version, because the earlier version mode of work, may not be entirely proper or adjusted with the latest iOS.

These are some key point suggestion that reduces the battery consumption of the iPhones & increase the battery life for an extended season.

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